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3/4 Day Sailfish and Pelagic Charter

6 Hour Sailfish and Pelagic Charter up to 6 people

  • 6 hr
  • 1,400 US dollars
  • Key Largo Fisheries Dock

Service Description

Sailfishing in Islamorada is typically begins right off the reef edge about 3-7 miles from the marina then we hunt for color changes and up and down the Keys coastline (anywhere from 20’ – 170’ of water.) Sometimes we might travel up to 20 miles up or down the reef line where the fish are feeding and schooling. Sailfish often jump multiple times and swim super fast up to 65mph, making the boat will chase the fish to assist in your catch. Techniques include slow trolling live baits, kite fishing live baits and the most fun is sight fishing. Sight fishing is more like hunting. When the fish are in shallow water or tailing the captain will actually point them out in singles or packs. Once found we pitch baits directly at them and wait for the hook up. We use light tackle ranging from 12lb test to 30lb test and very light drags, allowing any angler a comfortable and amazing fight. Sailfish average 25 – 60 lbs, and it’s all catch and release. A tournament release is considered when your leader touches the tip of the rod or the mate touches the leader, normally within 15' of the boat. We try to get the sailfish to the boat for lifetime photos and then revive the fish for a successful release. . We also offer release mounts replicated in fiberglass and custom hand painted for trophy memories for life. Boat’s fly “release flags” in their outriggers at the end of the day to signify how many sailfish were caught that day. We do recommend full days because that gives you much more time to fish and try different areas. Half days will also give daily chances as fishing is not far away from the marina. Winter months are always best targeted for Sailfish season. We usually start catching them with consistency in November all the way through March. Water and weather temperatures play a huge role in the fishing season though, as well as bait migrations. You can also expect a random Mahi, Tuna, Kingfish, or Wahoo. This fishing can be very hot or only 1 chance daily, patience is key. It is very common for multiple hook ups as they travel in packs. Florida Keys Sail fishing is considered to be very consistent and you have a great shot at catching sailfish every time you head out. Some trips yield a couple of bites and other trips may yield double-digit numbers of bites. On average your fishing for a couple of fish, but if you hit it just right everyone on board might catch and release a sailfish.

Cancellation Policy

If the customer cancels their booking or changes dates for any reason up to 72 hours before the trip date, we will refund the deposit to them. All charter decision are made by the captain for the safety of the charter and crew.

Contact Details

  • 1313 Ocean Bay Drive

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